A Spa-cation Trip for the Body, Mind & Soul
Venice – Athens, May 11 - 25

Are you ready to nourish your sense of beauty, experience new spa treatments and learn what relaxation truly means? Join us on an adventure through 8  beautiful European countries. Come away with new ideas and knowledge to share with your spa's technicians

Embark on the Spa-cation trip the combines esthetic education, a culinary experience like no other, and a focus on wellness so you can escape from the
noise. Learn, relax and enjoy the sites of Europe from Venice to Athens.

Spa Experience

A beautifully authentic experience awaits you.
If you’re looking to gain knowledge about exotic and exclusive spa treatments to bring back to your clients, then a Spacation trip is just what you need! This
is a trip unlike other spa breaks. Picture this: you’re using exotic grape seeds for body scrubs, and salt from the Adriatic Sea to cleanse and nourish your
skin. There is no better way to learn than in the midst of other cultures and spa modalities.
Outdoor soaking pools, infrared saunas, hammams and steam rooms are just a few of the self-guided treatments you’ll be able to partake in on this trip.

spa vacations all inclusive
spa vacations all inclusive

Culinary Experience

We believe in nourishing your body from the inside out.
On a Spa-cation trip with us you can expect to enjoy a cooking experience in each region we visit, with locally-inspired cuisine and beverages. Self-guided
tours give the opportunity to learn where local ingredients come from. You can also expect to spend time with local chefs, winemakers, olive farmers,
cheese manufacturers and more.
Stroll, sip and savor your way through some of the most beautiful cities in this Adriatic cooking vacation.

Yoga & Wellness Experience

This experience has plenty to offer your Mind, Body, and Soul.
The Spa-cation trip offer more than your typical spa breaks. Awaken to sweeping views of the Adriatic sunsets, and indulge in seaside yoga and meditation
from Venice to Athens. Each hotel offers an abundance of wellness services designed to increase your energy levels, clear your mind and stretch your body,
while enjoying the majestic surroundings.

spa vacations all inclusive

About Our Spa Breaks

Who is our Spa-cation trip designed for?
Our spa breaks are specially designed as educational trips for spa directors and estheticians (travel buddies are welcome). The ability to share our experience and knowledge with each
other allows us to become the best at what we do. Our mission is to provide our Spa-cation guests with a chance to discover different parts of the world,
and gain the valuable experience that can only be attained by immersing oneself fully in the culture of other countries.

What kind of hotels will Spa-cation guests be staying in?
In addition to the educational aspect of our Spa-cation trip, we value the comfort of the luxury 5* spa hotels in the countries we visit. Every hotel we
stay in has luxury wellness and spa facilities so you can relax, unwind and enjoy the trip.

How much does a Spa-cation trip cost?
We are delighted to have organize the workshops at the various luxury hotels selected.   We have negotiated the overnight rooms at a discounted rate.  We ask our guests  to book directly with the hotel.  Many of our attendees choose to use their points or to book with their travel agency for the flight.    The workshops are $650 in total for 5 of the workshop, this provides access to the usages of the spas as well.   Should you choose to stay at the hotels where the workshops are held, breakfast is included in the price.   

Why Attend a Spa-cation Trip?

Our Spa-cation trips are spa breaks that are not only designed to thoroughly relax and rejuvenate you, but also to provide you with a real-world experience
and education. We call it Spa-education.
Education in classrooms is mainstream, and boring! Our trips provide an alternative way to educate and inspire students of esthetics.

Having been in the spa industry for many years, we know that it’s an industry that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. A Spa-cation trip gives spa
professionals the opportunity to travel around the world and experience different cultures and spa modalities, that they can bring back to their own clients.
We believe that travelling is the best way to nourish your sense of beauty. On a Spa-cation trip you’ll get the opportunity to experience undiscovered spa
techniques from undiscovered places.

When is the next Spa-cation trip? We plan to organize this every year in May and September.
The trip begins in Venice and ends in Athens. 

The itinerary for the trip is:
Venice (Italy)  1 night
Zadar (Croatia) 2 nights
Sarajevo (Bosnia) 3 nights
Durres (Albania) 3 nights
Athens (Greece) 1 night